Casa de Rosa Stories of Success

  • Before I was receiving services I was living with family and part of the YAS program. Then I got an apartment, but lost it because I was using alcohol and drugs and ended up in the hospital. That's how I ended up at Casa De Rosa group home. At Casa De Rosa I learned coping and life skills. Now I'm sober and live in an apartment with a roommate.

  • Before Casa De Rosa I was living in my own apartment, but I lost it because I was partying using alcohol and drugs. Then I was probated to the hospital. After the hospital I lived in different shelters, a Respite bed and a group home in Willimantic. That's when I moved to Casa De Rosa. At Casa I learned coping skills and how to manage my money. The routine and structure there helped me. Today my lifestyle has changed because I feel healthier and I feel good about myself. I haven't used in a long time and now I share an apartment with a friend.


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