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  • David Howe, LCSW

    Clinical Director

    Clinical Director

  • Mark Cavanagh

    Chief Experience Officer

  • Bonnie Cocchiola


    Society of Support (SOS)
    Permanent Supportive Housing Program

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    Development Coordinator




  • Biography

    David Howe

    David Howe, LCSW has served as the Clinical Director/Consultant for the Mission since 2016 and has been involved with the organization since 1990.

    David has over 40 years of experience in the mental health and addiction recovery field as an administrator, psychiatric clinician, consultant, and trainer. David has been appointed to the adjunct faculty in the department of psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine.

    He served as Director of Recovery Services and Consumer Affairs Director from 2007-2014 at Connecticut Valley Hospital, the state's 550-bed psychiatric facility. During that time, he was twice honored with the State of CT Distinguished Managerial Services Award for his administrative oversight, research and implementation of Person-Centered Recovery-Oriented Services at CVH. Known for his ability to effectively improve systems through creative problem solving, he pioneered a collaborative patient/staff committee that implemented significant reduction in the use of restraint and seclusion on inpatient units.

    He has developed and implemented a variety of innovative recovery oriented initiatives that have ongoing influence on services and culture at CVH and the surrounding state mental health and addiction community.

    David is the author or co-author of a number of articles in psychiatric, rehabilitation and group therapy journals and has presented at the American Psychiatric Association and the American Public Health Association. David serves on the Advisory Board of the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration project Roadmap to Recovery. As Yale faculty David he has served on teams training professionals from around the world in Recovery-Oriented mental health.

    David's decades long commitment to the work of the Mission and to the training of the Mission's developing professionals reflects his passionate belief in the value of each individual and the possibilities in each person's future. 

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