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    Megan Santiago

    Megan’s relationship with the Mission started as an intern at the shelter in 2018 while she was working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. During her internship, she realized that serving and helping the homeless is something she had a passion for. During her time here, she made sure to spend plenty of time with guests and listening to their stories. Megan was able to adapt quickly and form a relationship with the guests and staff at the shelter while interning. Megan focused on how she can quickly learn about the resources offered to the guests at the shelter to ensure she is giving the correct information. She was able to work closely with other providers as well to see all the different services offered and learn more about them. Megan was hired as a case manager for the shelter in August of 2018 and graduated with her Bachelor’s in Human Services from Post University in October of 2018. During her time as a case manager, Megan worked primarily with families and youth, which she loves doing. One of Megan’s favorite times were when the children at the shelter would draw her pictures or when she did crafts with them. Megan began serving the Mission as the Director of the Shelter and Homeless Resource Service Center in February of 2021. As the director, Megan works very closely with staff at the shelter and other providers within the Waterbury area to ensure all guests are overcoming their homelessness. She advocates for those who are experiencing homelessness and focuses on learning and figuring out how we can help a guest overcome their homelessness quickly and what the mission can do to help them in this process. Megan works with staff to ensure all guests are safe and comfortable while staying at the shelter. She says that it is important for a guest to know they can be open and honest with staff when something is bothering them. 

    Megan currently resides in Waterbury with her husband where she has lived her whole life. During Megan’s downtime, she likes to spend time with her husband, usually doing outdoor activities in the warmer months. She also enjoys spending time with family but especially with her nephew and niece.  



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