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    Jered Bruzas

    Jered Bruzas currently serves the Mission as the Director of the Shelter and Homeless Resource Service Center. He has served those experiencing homelessness at the Mission since 2012, first as case manager and currently as a Director. In 2001, the Archbishop of Hartford, Most. Rev. Daniel Cronin, assigned Jered to study at the St. John Seminary and Boston College. It was there he fell in love with serving the poor within inner-city Boston, and a year later, was assigned to studies in Philadelphia at the St. Charles Seminary. While in Philadelphia, Jered began working at soup kitchens and shelters. These formative college experiences shaped his personal and professional life. In 2006, Jered returned to Connecticut, and began working with Fr. Philip Cascia, the founder of the Mission. It was Fr. Cascia who introduced him to the St. Vincent DePaul Mission and the City of Waterbury.

    Since this time, Jered and his wife Viviana have fallen in love with the diversity of the people in Waterbury, and in particular, those experiencing homelessness. Viviana also served the Mission as a case manager in 2011. Being the largest shelter in the State of Connecticut, they both understand the commitment and attention required to assist those in need on a 24/7 basis. Within this in mind, they recognize the sacrifice involved and consider their dedicated efforts to be a family endeavor: It is not a job, but a true vocation!

    Jered is driven and inspired every day by the incredible people that the Mission serves and the generous staff who give their all to ensure the greater good of the shelter guests. Knowing that people can and do recover provides Jered with great joy and hope in humanity. He truly believes that no one should have to experience homelessness and looks forward to the day when shelters become obsolete. In the meantime, Jered continues to fight for the rights and needs of the homeless. He is an out spoken advocate for those experiencing homelessness in the Greater Waterbury Area and continues to lead the way with innovative solutions to ensure that the people he serves are able to sustainably overcome their housing crisis, successfully recover, and reintegrate into the community at large. 

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