"Friends of the Mission"

Individual and Corporate Donors
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We are on a mission to aid, support and empower people experiencing poverty, homelessness, hunger, and mental-health challenges so they may recover with dignity and develop sustainable solutions for a brighter future.


For over 40 years, the St. Vincent DePaul Mission has been a lifeline to people in need and an integral part of the community. We are well known for our committed care and diversity of services.


Why do we need your help?


Unfortunately, our government funding is not in line with our costs, and the increased needs of the people we aim to serve who struggle each day to determine what they will eat, where they will sleep, how to manage their mental health, or pay for their most basic expenses. Accordingly, our essential services have a genuine, lasting and life-saving impact, and we need your help to continue our most vital work!


Individuals who contribute know that they are supporting responsible stewards of the community and services for those genuinely in need. Corporate donors know that they are supporting an exceptionally worthy cause that elevates their brand, visibility and reputation as a socially responsible company—known for “Giving Forward.”


Please consider helping us to support individuals and families whose lives have been largely defined by hardship and trauma—people who need compassionate allies in their journey to recovery. You can be that person or organization that makes a difference and provides a brighter future for those in need of a helping hand.



Become a “Friend of the Mission.”

There are several sponsorship opportunities to choose from:


Diamond - $10,000 +


Gold - $5,000 +


Silver - $2,500 +


Bronze - $1,000 +



What do you receive for your support?


All “Friends of the Mission” will receive special recognition on our website. And, we will showcase a different leading individual or corporate donor each month with a link to their website, whenever appropriate.


We are a GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant and 100% of your donation directly supports operations and programming. It is not funneled through any other organization.


Through our marketing and presentation materials, our Corporate Sponsors are recognized in several ways and they have found that their increased visibility and positive association with social responsibility to be of benefit to their businesses. We hope you will find a renewed sense of compassion, community, and joy in your philanthropic work as you give back and become a member of our Mission family.


As responsible stewards of our community, we are on a Mission to help those in need. We hope you will join us.


Other Ways to Help


Please contact Edwin Rodriguez for more information on becoming a “Friend of the Mission.”



Edwin Rodriguez,
Director of Development and Public Relations



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