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The Dorothy and Joseph Donnelly Memorial Fund (MoJo Fund)
Created by: Donnelly, Joseph
Days to Close:2001
Category: General Fundraising

$ 53,993.00
Goal$ 100,000.00

Monsignor Joseph T. Donnelly

Dorothy and Joseph Donnelly Memorial Fund (MOJO Fund) in honor of my parents Dorothy and Joseph Donnelly

I have chaired the Board of Directors of the St. Vincent DePaul Mission of Waterbury, Inc. for the past twelve years and have witnessed their remarkable work aiding, supporting and empowering people experiencing poverty, homelessness, hunger, and mental health challenges to recover with dignity and to develop a brighter future. With this in mind, the Missions work for Gods poor is very important and close to my heart.

Recently, I was named a Monsignor along with eight other priests in our Archdiocese of Hartford in recognition of our pastoral ministry throughout our lives as priests. I am asking that no personal gifts be given to mark this honor. However, more to the point of the essential work of the Church and of priestly ministry, I am asking that people, wishing to do so, donate to a special fund for the St. Vincent DePaul Mission of Greater Waterbury.

For this purpose, I am establishing a Board-restricted fund in honor of my parents, Dorothy and Joseph Donnelly, who have inspired my faith, my vocation and my concern for the poor. It is my fervent hope that this fund will help insure that the vital work of the St. Vincent DePaul Mission serving those in need in the greater Waterbury region will continue long into the future.

I am very grateful for all donations to the MOJO Fund in memory of my parents in order to benefit the essential work of the St. Vincent DePaul Mission for our poorest sisters and brothers.

If you could support this fund by making a donation today and then sharing it with your friends through e-mail or social media, I would greatly appreciate it.

Every little bit donated will help us get closer to our $100,000 goal! Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them.

For more information about the Missions good work, please visit the website at

May God bless you and the good ministry of the St. Vincent DePaul Mission!

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