How to Create an Online Fundraiser/Drive

How to Create an Online Fundraiser/Drive

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Through peer-to-peer fundraising, supporters reach out to their friends and family to ask for donations on a nonprofit’s behalf. We provide you with an easy to create fundraising page that can include your personal story and photos. Once your have created your page you can easily share it with friends, family, coworkers using Facebook and Email. Donations received from peer-to-peer fundraisers directly flow into the Mission's payment accounts.

It's fun, easy, and rewarding to Give Forward.


1. Sign Up using your email. If your email is already registered, Sign In.

2. Create your personal fundraiser by adding a title, a goal, a message, and a recognizable photo.

3. View your new fundraiser and use the easy share icons  |  invite friends and family to reach your goal.


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  • Raise funds for equipment

    I’m looking to “Set the Table Right” and raise $10,000 to buy new cafeteria tables. The old tables are antiquated, breaking down, and becoming unsafe. We want people who are already feeling devalued, to at least enjoy a meal on a nice, clean table.


    Please consider your donation and sharing this campaign with others. Even a $20 donation will help us towards our goal.

  • Birthday Donations

    To my friends and family,


    On December 17th, I am turning 21. For my birthday I would love to have you help me celebrate by raising money for SVDP Mission Waterbury and help them to continue to help families and people in need. If we can reach my goal of $1,000 their soup kitchen will be able provide 800 meals additional meals . What great gift for those in need.


    Lets Celebrate and share the love and kindness

  • Carrying on a Tradition of Helping Others

    My uncle believed strongly in feeding the poor. He was low income but he donated small amounts to the soup kitchen and said it was because he was lucky to eat every day. He believed that any one of us could be just one disaster away from poverty, homelessness and hunger and he wanted the soup kitchen to have enough food to feed us. My uncle has passed away but his care for the people visiting the soup kitchen and food pantry lives on. I want to continue his donations to the St. Vincent DePaul Mission of Waterbury so that there will always be enough food for the less fortunate in our community.

    All donations go directly to St. Vincent DePaul in honor of my uncle.

  • Raise funds for programs

    Close the gap - Donate Now to keep essential services to those in need!

    On average, only 58% of our funding is received by state and federal grants. In order for our essential services to continue, we must depend on Community Giving and people like you—our allies in the support of those most vulnerable in our community.


    Please consider your donation and sharing this campaign with others. Even a $20 donation will help us towards our goal.

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Tips for Writing a Successful Fundraiser

    • For the best results in your fundraiser/drive, remember to be brief, but make sure you cover everything your potential donors would want to know.
    • Introduce yourself and what you’re raising money for.
    • Explain your personal connection to the cause. Include your connection story --how you know the St. Vincent DePaul Mission or the people and program your backing, and why this cause means so much to you.  Also, include the specific needs or problems of the clients or program/s you are addressing in your campaign.
    • Make sure people know how their donation will be used, and why it’s so important to give.
    • Set reasonable and obtainable fundraising goals in the overall amount you wish to raise.
    • Keep in touch with potential donors. Express gratitude to your readers for considering a donation and sharing your campaign with others.
      • “If you could support my campaign by making a donation and then sharing it with your friends and network, I would greatly appreciate it. This is a great cause and every little bit helps, so please, even $10 helps me get closer to my goal! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.”
    • Let the reader also know to share your campaign with others. For example, “Help me get the word out, and please share my link on your Facebook page.”
    • Also, share how you are progressing in your campaign goals to encourage others. For example, “ FYI--I’ve now reached 40% of my goal. Let’s keep this going. Please continue to share this campaign with your friends and ask others to get involved. Together, we can make a difference!”
    • Underline or bold words you want to stand out.
    • You can also imbed helpful links; add stories, photographs, graphics or videos to make your campaign more captivating and enjoyable to read.


    For assistance with your fundraiser/drive, do not hesitate to call Edwin Rodriguez at 203-754-0000.

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How to Create a Fundraiser
Step by Step Tutorial

  • Step 1: Register

    To create a fundraiser or a drive you must register with the St. Vincent DePaul Mission of Waterbury website.  Click on the sign up button to get started.  You will be presented with prompts to enter your email address and choose a password. 


    Once you choose your password and register you will be presented with the fundraising form.


  • Step 2: Fill out Form

    The default form contains some tips to get you started.  Delete that text and personalize your fundraiser with your own text.  You can also upload an image.  Please see example below.





    Click Here to see a Sample Letter for Body of Fundraiser Page

  • Step 3: Promote

    After submitting your fundraiser you will see this confirmation message:

    At this point you can check your email for your direct link to your fundraiser or you can just head over to the list of current fundraisers and choose your newest entry.  Here is how this new "Set the Table Right" fundraiser appears in the list.



    To share this fundraiser with your family and friends you can click on the title or on the view button to open it up then click on the share buttons.



    If you chose to share by network you will get a pop up box with a facebook share button and your personalized link that you can copy and paste anywhere to share it further.

    For more information about sharing fundraisers on Social Media please click here.



    If you chose to share by email you will come to a page with an email template.  Just fill in your email address, your recipients and a brief message.  Your message along with the link will be sent by email to the recipients you entered.

    For more information about sharing by direct message please click here



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