Legacy Donors

In Loving Memory and Gratitude

of Our Legacy Donors

“Be Remembered for the Right Reasons. Leave a Legacy and a Smile in your Heart Beyond Life." Jasmina Siderovski

Our Legacy Society

Endowing the Future of our Services to Those in Need

Their Impact Continues and Their Spirit Lives On.

We remember our Legacy Donors who have made a genuine difference in the lives of others, and we are forever grateful for their benevolence and gifts of compassion.

As of 2018


    Anna Mary Paul
    Born April 14, 1924 - Died November 29, 2016


    Elizabeth Therese Paul
    Born December 9, 1925 - Died May 15, 2014


    Angela Crocco LaMoy
    Born November 6, 1922 - Died April 3, 2017


    Eleanor P. Rice
    Born March 15, 1920 - Died June 26, 2018


    Laurene F. Clancy
    Born February 19, 1947 - Died August 19, 2016


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