Adult life has been filled with both joy and helplessness. I would like to tell you what my life was like before receiving services from St. Vincent DePaul Mission of Waterbury and how I have a lot more joy in my life now.

I was living down south and had some housing struggles and ended up losing my housing voucher that helped my pay my rent. With no more financial support, I was left with no choice but to return to Connecticut and turn to family for assistance. My children were living with my family and I was unable to care for them on my own. My mother was helping me with my small income from Social Security but I did not have enough money for a security deposit or an apartment on my own. I found myself sleeping on family member's couches at short clips as to not over stay my welcome. I would go from friends couch to family members couch and every day I spent wondering where I would lay my head or how I would eat and stay warm that night. I turned to the St. Vincent De Paul Shelter and they helped get me involved with the Department of Mental Health. I explained my situation to the doctors there and soon I met a representative from the Mental Health Division. As this representative helped me look for housing, we realized that I need a little more help than just housing. I was referred to the Supervised Apartment Program at Mark Lane.


I have been living at Mark Lane for over two years now. Thanks to the support they provide to me, I am now in more control of my life. I have a bank account that I am working to pay more of my own bills with. I have been put on subsidized housing waitlists and I have a strong social connection with my fellow residents and friends. We have worked to get me involved with work readiness programs and I will soon start to volunteer for St. Vincent DePaul so that when a job becomes available, I will be ready. The staff here believes in me and encourages me. I now have a better relationship with my family and most importantly my children. I am safe and the people in this program believe that I can and will recover. The sky is the limit for me now. Thank you St. Vincent De Paul for helping me back on my feet.  


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