Our Core Values, Beliefs and Guiding Principles

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Guiding Principles of Our Work

The following set of Beliefs and Core Values form the Guiding Principles of our Mission work.
Although they were not fully articulated during the inception of our organization in 1978, they constitute the foundation of our ideals that have guided our services and efforts throughout the years.  

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We Are:

  • Responsible Stewards of our Community of Service

    We are stewards of our community, those we care for, and those who support us.

    With this in mind,
    We are a Community of Service. We are grateful and obliged to those who support us with their time, money, and commitment, and will be careful to provide responsible services to benefit others and the community with all the human and financial resources available to us.  

    The Capacity for Recovery and Human Development, and our Role as Positive Agents of Change

    All individuals have the capacity for growth and development throughout their lives. They can and do change.

    With this in mind, 
    We are responsible to serve as agents of positive change. Despite challenges and barriers, we act to support and encourage recovery and beneficial progress in every person we serve. This is reflected in our language, actions, and treatment of others.
    Acting as agents of change, we are committed to engendering the strengths and capacities of all the individuals and families we serve, thus empowering self-reliance and decreasing dependence on our services.   

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We Provide:

  • A Safe and Trusting Environment of Care for All

    Restoration and recovery begins with a sense of safety, security and trust.

    With this in mind, 
    We serve with consistency, honesty, integrity and accountability, and provide a confidential, safe and supportive environment for all.  

    Committed and Caring Support and Customer-First Service

    At some point in life, everyone needs help, and support. We therefore understand the value and importance of meaningful and compassionate service to others, and we recognize that a service experience is more than support and solutions: It's about how we can make people feel.

    With this in mind, 
    We demonstrate each day our commitment to service and a customer-first orientation:
    We are committed to helping people feel better and to get better.
    We are always welcoming, friendly, optimistic, solution-oriented, and empowering to drive positive and sustainable change.
    We listen. We care. We are compassionate and understanding.
    We are self-aware, culturally sensitive, polite, and thoughtful.
    We work hard to assist our program participants, and to develop solutions, supports, resources, and skills that are beneficial to their restoration, recovery and independence.  

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We Support:

  • Freedom of Choice and Self-Determination

    All people have the right to make their own decisions, choices, and future. Change best comes from within.

    With this in mind,
    We work collaboratively with the people we serve, so they become active participants in their own recovery. We do not impose our beliefs or will on others. We offer choices, opportunities, encouragement, guidance and support for their betterment, while always recognizing their right to self-determination.

    Continuous Growth and Improvement

    We are on a mission to help those in need. Times change, needs change. Our services should be responsive to the ever-changing needs of the individuals and community we serve.

    With this in mind,
    We challenge ourselves to be responsive to the ever-changing needs of the community and individuals we serve, and to remove barriers to their success.
    We think about solutions for the future, and ask each day how we can make ourselves and our services better.
    We evaluate ourselves and our services to adapt and improve.
    We change the service to meet the needs of the people we serve, not the people to meet the service.
    We encourage continuous staff and organizational development, self-awareness and professional growth.
    We recognize that we are a perpetual work in progress.

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We Demonstrate:

  • Empathy, Compassion and Respect

    We all share in the same human condition, and none of us are immune from the turbulent nature of life and the circumstances that may befall us.

    With this in mind, 
    We do not define a person by his or her current condition or situation, and we treat every person as we would wish to be treated, and as they would wish to be treated. Accordingly, we strive for service excellence, and treat everyone with dignity and respect within a culturally sensitive, non-judgmental and non-stigmatizing environment.


    Strength in Collaboration, Inclusion and Diversity

    The range and diversity of any Community of Service is its greatest strength.

    With this in mind,
    We work, collaborate and partner with others who share in our aims and ideals.
    With common goals and values, with deference and parity, we all work together as a team—stakeholders, volunteers, and staff alike—united in our dedication, support and service to those in need.
    We are welcoming and appreciative to those who support and serve our cause, and encourage inclusion, collaboration, and diversity in our Community of Service.
    We are a Community of Service. Every employee who is a part of our Community defines us, and enhances or diminishes our Community, and should act to uphold our reputation and ethical standards.  

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We Believe in:

  • Inherent Value and Empowering Change

    Every human being has value. Every person is different, and every person has unique resources and strengths, which can be nurtured, developed and employed for the betterment of self and others.

    With this in mind,
    We serve every person individually, and empower those we serve by engendering their unique contributive strengths and capacities towards their own recovery, restoration and independence. We encourage hope, hard work, responsibility, growth, and optimism in every person we serve and in ourselves.

    Creativity and Innovation

    Creativity and innovation are essential to promote progress, and to address the challenges and needs of the people we serve.

    With this in mind,
    We encourage, develop, and adopt innovative programming and best practices that improve operations, and foster recovery, development.

    Awareness and Self-Care

    We cannot care for others, if we do not care for ourselves.

    With this in mind,
    When we are mindful and care for ourselves, we express our commitment and professionalism to the beneficial service of others.
    We remember to take time to relax, repair and refresh ourselves; to praise ourselves and others for accomplishment; to embrace our shortcomings and challenge ourselves to grow; to be grateful for the gifts we have been given; to seek help and support from others; to experience satisfaction and reward in what we do; to smile, laugh, and enjoy life.   

As we are a perpetual work in progress, this document will be subject to change and improvement, but our philosophy of care and ideals remain steadfast as is our authentic love, compassion and care for humanity, and our dedication to relieve the suffering and challenges of those in need.

Through a series of Visioning Committee meetings comprised of both staff and Board members, our guiding principles and values were established and affirmed on May 26th of 2018. 

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