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    In 1978, the Mission opened a Thrift Store in the center of Waterbury offering clothing, furniture and household articles donated by the local community. Providing relief to families and individuals living with the challenges of poverty, the Thrift Store offered access to basic items and furnishings not accessible through conventional outlets.

    Today, our Thrift Store operates six days per week and has become an essential service for those living in poverty in our community. Based on need, it provides at low cost or no cost clothing, household items, furnishings, and other goods to individuals and families experiencing poverty living throughout the area. Staff are available to consider each customer's situation and provide assistance in making a purchase.  

    Please click and read the instructions below for the various services we that we offer to our community.


    Donation Picks Ups


    Income Eligible Giveaways




    • Regular donations can be dropped off during our Public Business Hours. To ensure safety and quality of goods, all donations should be provided directly to/inspected by personnel to prevent any issues. Please see our listing of Items in Need.
    • We accept gently used items: Please do not provide any goods, clothing or furnishings that are broken, stained, ripped, torn, worn out, dirty, foul-smelling, or covered in animal hair.

    Store Hours Open to the Public:

    Sunday Closed

    Monday Closed

    Tuesday 9 AM-4 PM

    Wednesday 9AM-4 PM

    Thursday 9 AM-4 PM

    Friday 9 AM-4 PM

    Saturday 9 AM-4 PM


    Pick-ups and Deliveries are scheduled and available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Please call 203-754-3695 for information.



  • Store Manager: Flora Ziegler

    Hours of Operation:

    Tuesday 9AM - 4PM

    Wednesday 9AM - 4PM

    Thursday  9 AM - 4 PM

    Friday 9 AM - 4PM

    Saturday  9AM - 4PM

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