• Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry Items in Need


    Since 1981, our Soup Kitchen has been serving individuals and families experiencing poverty, hunger, and homelessness a nutritionally balanced, hot noon-time meal seven days a week. Our Food Pantry, which also operates in the same location, distributes weekly groceries to the area poor at no charge.

  • Fruits and Vegetables


    Fresh Fruits
    Fresh vegetables
    Frozen vegetables
    Canned tomatoes and tomato sauce
    Fruit juice
    (preferably 100% fruit juice)
    Juice boxes
    (preferably 100/% fruit juice)
    Fruit cups
    (preferably in non-perishable containers) 

  • Grains


    Wild rice
    (preferably whole wheat)
    (preferably steel cut or rolled oats)
    Stuffing –Boxed
    (preferably whole wheat)
    (preferably whole grain or multi-grain, or bran)
    Granola bars
    (preferably with whole grain as first ingredient, nuts or dried fruit)

  • Proteins


    Canned salmon, tuna, chicken and sausage
    Fresh Meat
    (Example: chicken, turkey, ground beef, ground turkey, etc.)

  • Dairy Products


    Evaporated milk
    (preferably skim or nonfat)
    Dry/powered milk
    (preferably skim or nonfat)
    (preferably low fat or nonfat cheeses)
    (preferably shelf-stable low fat or nonfat milk)

  • Dairy Products


    Non-stick cooking spray
    Vegetable oil
    (preferably canola, olive, peanut, or sesame) 

  • Spices and Condiments

    Dill Basil
    Cumin Parsley
    Thyme Ketchup
    Mustard Oregano
    Bay Leaf Cinnamon
    Rosemary Mayonnaise
    Chili powder Black pepper
    Curry powder Garlic powder
    Onion powder Cayenne pepper
    Salsa Red pepper flakes
    (preferably jarred, low sodium)  
  • Other Food Items


    Bottled water
    (Stevia, Equal)
    Canned gravy
    (preferably low sodium)
    Canned soups
    (preferably low sodium)
    Mashed potatoes-boxed

  • Cleaning Supplies


    Kitchen towels
    Liquid dish soap
    Brillo pads and pot scrubbers
    Ajax or similar cleaner--large size
    Large trashcan liners/garbage bags
    Disposable cleaning gloves (all sizes)
    Disinfecting wipes, soap, and hand sanitizer 

  • Paper Goods and Utensils


    Plastic grocery bags
    Large zip lock bags
    Toilet paper and Kleenex
    Coffee and Drinking Cups
    Paper napkins and towels
    Styrofoam plates and bowls
    Foil pans, 4" depth, full size.
    Food storage containers (large)
    Take our food containers (all sizes)
    Large aluminum foil and plastic wrap
    Food-safe disposable serving gloves (all sizes)
    Plastic forks, knifes, spoons, straws, and stirrers

  • Cooking Supplies

    Restaurant Quality

    Large cutting boards
    Measuring cups and spoons
    Chef, paring, and bread knifes
    Large mixing bowls and colanders
    Peelers, mashers, whisks, graters, and sheers
    Large pots, pans, bakeware, and serving utensils



    60 RT Mixer Floor Hobart #H-600
    Table Fryer Electric 220 Volts Electric
    Food Chopper Robot Coupe
    Rubbermaid Cart #3485207
    Two-Door Freezer Stainless Steel NSF AR-49F
    Two-Door Cooler Stainless Steel NSF AR-49
    Racks-60" X 24," "72 X 24", 4-Tier with Casters
    300 Pound Ice Maker 115 Volt

    We welcome volunteers (click here to see our opportunities) and the efforts of critical service providers, such as Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters/Contractors, Dietitians, and Job Placement specialists.

If you have any questions please contact:

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