Cornerstone Success Stories

Supportive Housing Stories of Success

  • The staff at St. Vincent's made sure I had a safe place to sleep, kept me away from drugs, helped go to the grocery store so I would have enough food for the month, made sure I was taking my medications and working with my doctors to feel better. It was here that I developed friendships and a stronger than ever relationship with my family.

  • I have been living at Mark Lane for over two years now. Thanks to the support they provide to me, I am now in more control of my life. I have a bank account that I am working to pay more of my own bills with. I have been put on subsidized housing waitlists and I have a strong social connection with my fellow residents and friends. We have worked to get me involved with work readiness programs and I will soon start to volunteer for St. Vincent DePaul so that when a job becomes available, I will be ready.


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