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  • Mark Cavanagh

    Chief Experience Officer

  • Bonnie Cocchiola


    Society of Support (SOS)
    Permanent Supportive Housing Program

  • Francine Nido

    Development Coordinator




  • David Howe, LCSW

    Clinical Director

    Clinical Director

  • Biography

    Bonnie Cocchiola

    Bonnie Cocchiola is the Case Management Coordinator of the Society of Support (SOS) Permanent Supportive Housing Program for Disabled Individuals and Families. Bonnie's journey with the St. Vincent DePaul Mission began as a High School student when she first started volunteering at the Soup Kitchen. Even at that age, she recognized that she wanted to help individuals within the local community to grow and recover, and her experiences became the impetus for her interest in the human service field. As a young adult, she acquired her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology with a Social Service Concentration from The University of New Haven, and in 1997, Bonnie took a job as a Case Manager for the Mental Health Division.

    Bonnie now serves the Mission as a seasoned Program Coordinator working with formerly homeless individuals and families, and helping them to achieve their goals and desires in the community at large. 

    Known for her leadership and client-centered approach, she is dedicated to assisting others as an agent of change, affecting lives through her resourcefulness, motivation, and advocacy. 

    Bonnie spends her down time participating in triathlons, and enjoys biking, swimming, and running to raise money for a variety of community non-profit organizations. She is a lifelong resident of Southbury where she has lived joyfully for many years with loving husband and two sons.  

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